Wuxi Xinshanhu Steel Co., Ltd. is a Chinese stainless steel manufacturer existing for eleven years with rich production experience
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Pipe Processing Services

No matter the material, measure the diameter of the pipe or tube to be cut to ensure that you use the right-size tube cutter for the job.
  • Cut Grooving and Roll Grooving
    Our steel pipes are available with cut and roll grooves.
    Roll Groove connection is the main connection method of fire protection pipes. It has the characteristics of convenient and fast installation, economical and environmental protection, the original characteristics of the pipes are not affected, and the maintenance is convenient.
  • Pipe Threaded
    Pipe thread is a thread located on the pipe wall for connection, mainly used for the sealing connection of water, gas, oil and other pipelines. We offer NPT* and BSPT* pipe threads.
  • Pipe Beveling

    We can apply any type of Bevel to any degree desired. Beveling can be applied to the surface of pipes of any size or diameter.

  • Pipe Welding
    We provide welding services for fittings to pipe or fittings to fittings.
  • Pipe Plain Ends
    Cut both ends of the steel pipe into planes at 90°to the axis, and there are no flying spurs.
  • Pipe Cutting
    Water cutting: Water jet technology, also known as water jet and water cutting technology, is a real cold cutting. It is a high-energy stream of water produced by pressurising ordinary water through a pressurised system, which is then jetted through very fine sand tube nozzles to cut at speeds approaching one kilometre per second
  • Pipe Bending
    We use hydraulic bending machine for bending, with high accuracy and good yield. It can be bent according to the bending angle provided by the customer.
  • Pipe Punching
    There are three ways to punch the steel pipe, one is the pipe body drilling, the second is the pipe body punching, and the third is the laser drilling. At present, laser drilling is widely used and has the characteristics of high efficiency and high precision.
  • Pipe protection
    Pipe-end protection is advisable in case the pipe-ends are bevelled at the pipe manufacturer. In the case of overseas transport, there is an especially increased risk o f damaged pipe-ends. This is caused by extra handling procedures in ports and shifting of the pipes onboard vessels.