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Screen Pipe,Pipe Stands & Clamps,Steel Sheet Pile
Screen Pipe,Pipe Stands & Clamps,Steel Sheet Pile

offshore project in Singapore



Product Quality

2700 ton

Product Details

Seamless Casing pipe,API 5CT PSL1 L80


offshore project



Project Introduction

The product required by the customer is a seamless casing, and the project is used in Singapore

Project Difficulties

The characteristics of this batch of orders are high steel grade, small quantity, and tight delivery schedule. If the spot production is scheduled, it will inevitably increase the cost, exceed the original budget of the customer, and affect the delivery schedule. Therefore, the business specialist immediately checked the system inventory table and found that the inventory quantity was sufficient to meet the customer's order demand. He immediately informed the customer of the good news and submitted a reasonable quotation plan and shipping schedule information to the customer.


After confirming that all the information of the spot products met its requirements, the customer readily accepted USI Group's proposal and quickly signed the order to lock the inventory. At present, the goods have arrived in Singapore and are put into use.

The reason why this order can be completed quickly is entirely due to the sufficient inventory of Xinyue storage base. This base covers an area of more than 80 acres, with an outdoor material storage area of 30,000 square meters and a warehouse of 10,000 square meters. It has long-term stocks of common specifications to meet many urgent needs of the project. Storage products cover spiral pipes, straight seam pipes, seamless pipes, square rectangular pipes, carbon steel pipe fittings, valves, pile pipes, and scaffolding safety systems of various materials.

Xinyue storage base has helped customers many times to solve their urgent needs. In the future, we will continue to optimize inventory and do our best to provide customers with various high-quality steel products.

Project location: Singapore


Standard and material:Standard: API 5CT PSL1 L80

Specifications:13 3/8” PPF68 R3

Application:Oil pipe

Inquiry time:2022.12.10

Order time:2023.02.16

Departure time:2023.03.14

Arrival time:2023.03.26