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Steel Coil/Plate/Sheet,Reducer,Heat Exchanger Tubes

Australia Cross-Sea Bridge



Product Quality

1068.25 MT

Product Details

ASTM A572 Gr.50 SSAW steel pipe


Bridge construction



Project Introduction

Bridges are a common feature of the built environment and one of the key elements of civil engineering. The basic principles of bridge design depend on the load-bearing structure; whether it is flat, convex or concave. These better known names are girder bridges, arch bridges or suspension bridges:

Girder bridges are simple beam or cantilever structures, usually constructed of steel trusses or prestressed concrete elements. Simply supported girder bridges are self-supporting horizontally and transmit loads vertically through piers or abutments. Cantilever bridges transfer loads through piers located in the center of the beam.
Arch bridges consist of load-bearing arches in compression, and their strength and stability allow them to withstand greater loads than girder bridges. Arches can support the bridge's horizontal deck from above or below.

project outcome

Project Name:Australia Cross-Sea Bridge

Product involved:  SSAW steel pipe,

Specification:  ASTM A572 Gr.50 SSAW steel pipe

Quantity:  1068.25 MT

Project location:  Australia