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How to recognize the surface state of stainless steel plate

Date:2024-04-29Tags:Stainless steel surface,Stainless steel plate,Stainless Steel Sheet Surface Pictures,stainless steel plate

Introduction of Stainless Steel Sheet

Stainless steel sheet is a metal material widely used in several industries, including construction, automotive, medical equipment and kitchenware. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance and strength, stainless steel sheet is the material of choice for many engineering projects. At the same time, stainless steel materials have an easy-to-clean surface, can be recycled and reused, and have an irreplaceable role in the food and medical industry.

Surface state of stainless steel plate

There are ten common surface types, they are No. 1, 2B, BA, No. 4, HL, 6K, ordinary 8K, fine grinding 8K, 8K+HL, sandblasting. Different surface states are suitable for different scenarios, Wuxi Xinshanhu Steel Co., Ltd. introduces you the different applications and differences of these different surface states, so that you can use them as a reference when purchasing and using stainless steel materials.

Surface Type



Common Applications

No. 1

Hot-rolled, heat-treated, and pickled surface

Rough, unpolished

Industrial uses, structural parts, welding applications


Cold-rolled, annealed, pickled, and lightly rolled

Smooth, matte finish, easy to clean

Kitchen equipment, architectural decor, medical equipment


Bright annealed reflective surface

High gloss, near-mirror finish

Decorative uses, appliance surfaces, food and chemical processing equipment

No. 4

Polished with 180-240 grit abrasive material

Fine light-textured polish, refined look

Architectural decoration, kitchen equipment, elevator interiors


Hairline finish created by grinding

Linear texture, adds visual depth, decorative effect

Decorative panels, architectural facades, elevator interiors


Semi-mirror polish

High gloss but not as reflective as 8K

Architectural decoration, decorative applications

Regular 8K

Standard mirror finish

Very high reflectivity, mirror effect

High-end decorative panels, furniture, elevators

Super 8K

Advanced mirror finish with finer polishing

Excellent mirror gloss, clear reflection

Luxury architecture and decor, artworks, display items


Combination of 8K mirror and hairline finishes

High gloss of mirror with texture of HL

High-end architectural decor, special decorative effects


Surface treated by blasting with sand

Uniform fine matte texture

Appearance decoration, anti-slip treatment, enhanced wear resistance and aesthetic appeal

Stainless steel plate surface pictures

No. 1(Silver-white, matte, slightly rough texture)

No. 1 stainless steel plate

2B(Silver-white, smooth surface with some gloss)

2B stainless steel plate

BA(High gloss, close to a mirror finish)

BA stainless steel plate

No. 4(Discontinuous hairlines, glossy, varying roughness)

No. 4 stainless steel plate

HL(Continuous hairline pattern, gloss similar to No. 4)

HL stainless steel plate

6K(Bright spots, speckled, blurred reflections)

6K stainless steel plate

Regular 8K(Good brightness, clear reflections)

Regular 8K stainless steel plate

Super 8K(Mirror-like, minimal imperfections)

Super 8K stainless steel plate

8K+HL(Mirror finish with hairlines, reflective with texture)
Sandblasted(Fine granular surface, non-glossy)