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Problems that may occur in the processing of stainless steel products

Date:2024-02-29Tags:Stainless steel,Stainless steel pipe,Stainless steel plate,Stainless steel bar,stainless steel factory

Stainless steel products processing

In the process of stainless steel products there may be cutting and other aspects of the problem appears, the following article for stainless steel pipe, stainless steel plate and stainless steel bar and other different shapes of the cutting process may occur and the solution.

Stainless steel pipe cutting problems and solutions

Problem: The wall of stainless steel pipe is prone to vibration and resonance, resulting in cutting instability and reduced machining accuracy.

Solution: use suitable cutting tools, control cutting parameters and cutting speed, increase cutting rigidity, reduce the impact of vibration on the cutting quality.

stainless steel pipe

Stainless steel plate cutting problems and solutions

Problem: The process of cutting stainless steel plate is prone to chip entanglement, cutting temperature is too high, resulting in faster tool wear.

Solution: Use the appropriate cutting lubricant to reduce the cutting temperature, use the cooling system of the tool for effective cooling, choose the right tool to reduce the cutting pressure to slow down tool wear.

stainless steel plate

Stainless steel bar cutting problems and solutions

Problems: Stainless steel bar cutting may occur when the tool vibration, poor surface quality of processing and other problems.

Solution: Use the appropriate tool and cutting parameters, control the cutting speed and feed to improve cutting stability. At the same time, pre-treatment of stainless steel bar, such as tempering treatment, can be considered before machining to improve its cutting performance.

stainless steel bar

Excellent stainless steel factory in China

In response to the above problems, Wuxi Xinshanhu Steel Co., Ltd. will choose appropriate cutting process and equipment according to the specific situation, meanwhile, regularly check and maintain the cutting equipment, and replace the badly worn tools in time to ensure the cutting quality and productivity. Welcome to visit our factory to see the production process of stainless steel products. All of our production is open and transparent, with 100% quality and quantity guaranteed. Looking forward to your arrival!