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steel factory, Excellent service, friendly cooperation

Australian customers visit our steel factory for details

Date:2023-12-12Tags:steel factory, Excellent service, friendly cooperation

In order to deepen the cooperative relationship with important customers and allow customers to experience our steel factory production process, production environment, and factory scale, we invited customers to China for interviews, which led to this successful cooperation.

Excellent service

Customers from Australia were invited for this factory visit. In order to achieve long-term cooperation, our company arranged special transportation and arranged technical personnel to accompany the visit throughout the entire visit, giving customers a good experience and allowing them to have a deep understanding of our steel products and services. and trust.

Steel factory

Steel factory tour process

During the factory tour, customers focused on our state-of-the-art production lines and quality control systems. Especially regarding the technology of forging steel, customers expressed great trust in the strength of our factory. Among the many factories that customers have visited, our factory is the most large-scale and professional. The customer was very satisfied with this and was willing to cooperate with us for a longer period of time.

Steel factory

Friendly cooperation

Through this factory visit, our company has reached friendly cooperation with Australian customers, and we will continue to have friendly cooperation in the future. Customers also expressed their praise for us, thinking that our excellent productivity and the professionalism of our team are first-class.